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Samuel Rosenfeld has been collecting fine art for over 50 years.  His interest began with social realism and WPA period prints and paintings. Working in NYC’s midtown and well before the Internet age of viewing works online, he would use his lunch breaks to go to galleries, artist’s studios and auction houses. He would frequent established galleries, such as Kraushaar and Downtown Gallery, which supported artists and paintings of his interest. When he found an artist he responded to, he would actively purchase many of their works. He enjoyed making studio visits and these connections evolved into long time friendships with such artists as Frank Kleinholz, Alfred Van Loen, Chaim Gross, and the Soyer brothers.

By the late 1970’s he had filled his upper eastside townhouse with countless paintings, sculpture and works on paper. The years had broadened his eye and his collection became quite eclectic to also include works by modernists and contemporary artists. To make room for new acquisitions, he began privately selling various works from the collection to galleries, dealers, and institutions.

By the 1980’s he was privately dealing full time and subsequently became an officer and board member of the Appraiser’s Association of America.  With an astute eye and limited budget, he primarily focused on under-represented artists, such as Paul Burlin and Irene Rice Pereira, who were given less recognition than some of their better-known contemporaries. These artists are now getting their proper recognition in major galleries and museums.

In the mid 1990’s, Mr. Rosenfeld sold his townhouse to begin downsizing toward a simpler life of travel and leisure. Many of these works were put into storage and were only accessed for an exhibition or sold as a request arose. With the creation of this website, most remaining works in the collection, including many of his most prized pieces, are being offered to the public for sale.  He feels these remaining works should now become available at reasonable prices to other discriminating collectors.